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1. I hurt: when people don't believe in me
2. I love: a select few
3. I hate: nothing
4. I cry: when I get hurt or when my dad yells at me
5. I fear: many things
6. I hope: I will make a difference in the world before I die
7. I sadden: when people don't like me
8. I feel alone: many a times
9. I kill: nothing
10. I talk: too much at times, to little at times
11. I listen: to music and occasionally people
12. I break: things
13. I see: a computer screen
14. I smell: nothing - I am sick
15. I taste: the chips I ate 15 minutes ago
16. I work: nowhere - I am a bum
17. I remember: nonsense
18. I hold: my blankie ^.^
19. I hide: from nothing
20. I pray: to God
21. I walk: around my house
22. I drive: nothing
23. I read: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
24. I burn: the food I cook
25. I breathe: air
26. I play: music
27. I miss: my friends
28. I touch: the keyboard
29: I learn: in school
30. I feel: stressed about science fair. Okay, I stress way to easily.
31. I know: nothing
32. I said: "Only Paolo can take this and this and give you... a princess."
33. I dream: of being someone else
34. I have: a satisfying life
35. I want: to be a certain someone's friend
36. I fall: for pretty male musicians
37. I wait: for my mom a lot
38. I need: love
39. I wish: many a things
40. I live: for me
41. I die: when the time has come
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