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-twitch- Must... Wed-design...

I have this craving to design something beautiful. @@; To piece together to codes, to create ART!!!!! Ah, my, but I have nothing to do. I'm sick of creating little shrines to myself due to my lack of other interests. >>; I made a Cherry and Marmalade one, but then Katie didn't want to use it, so I'm wary of wasting my undeniable talent making another batch of those. Any ideas? What can I do? O.o; I have become particularly interested in commercial web design. Like, non-personal websites, non-fansites. :] Perhaps I will make a blue book one. I think I'll scurry off and do that. If it's okie then I will post tha link. Till next time...
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Ooh, a Blue Book one sounds fantastic! Are you talking about a BBK site that is kind of like LJ but closed?