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Milo's Info.

Height: 5'5"
Favourite bands: Linkin Park, Saves the Day, Rooney
Three fun things to do: Dance, play music, go online
Pointless Fact: I don't eat brown m&ms.

Maricola: She is an HTML Goddess who should be worshipped relentlessly.
Lili: There was a girl named Kelly, who liked to watch soaps on the telly, she became a junkie, started to smell funky, now Kelly lives on a farm. [I'm amused.]
Lorilei: Lorilei spells her name with an "-ori" and an "-ei", not an "aura" and an "ai." [Surry, Josh.]
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I just realized Lilikins limmerick (whoa... alliteration major) doesn't really follow the limmerick format, but I like that I end it by telling you that Lili lives on a farm.
How 'bout Catti eh? Or shall I not put her on the site? I don't have any of her info anyway, nor any way to get it. :[
Catti - I mish you!
josh may spell lauralai how ever he chooses! so there! :-)- hehe.
Gasp! LORILEI, don't change for your man! ;]