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Feelin' lucky? ... Punk?

Listen up, Blue Book Kids. If you don't turn in your information in ONE WEEK to Maricola, you will be left "Information Unknown" for the website. The launch date is January 20, 2002, and it is not changing. The website will go up on the 20th no matter what. Keep in mind that we need ample time to complete the website before we e-mail the Webmaster about hosting us. If we are not hosted, we will still have a website nevertheless. This means that if you turn in your information on the 20th or later, chances are you will not be on the website until the next massive update for the website. Plus, I know you guys have some time and dedicating two minutes wouldn't hurt. Ignoring the queries of fellow Blue Book Kids could cause turmoil between the Kids. Note: THE BLUE BOOK IS NOT DEAD. Don't you forget that either, punk. ;]
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