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In one week, The Blue Bok Kids' Official Website launches. Wee! I think that we should, erm, contact someone to see if they can host us right about now. Rory said that he could host us, but I don't really want our URL to be something like [] or something. The ffguides part kind of makes me giggle. Besides, I don't think that Rory is the webmaster for the site anyway.

The day after our website launching, The Strokes are playing at the House of Blues. I want to go. Wah. I think Annalisa is going. I don't know who else is going.

Has everyone turned in their information? I'm getting kind of tired of asking. I think you would at least have some small obligation to this nice established group of kids. I was thinking, and I know this might have selfish intentions at first, but maybe we should let other people into the BBK that will actually do something.

That reminds me. Who votes Katie into The Blue Book Kids? Post a comment saying Yes or No. It can be anonymous if you really want, although you know we'll figure out who said no. ;]

Also, Maricola, you should have come to the show on Saturday! I had so much fun. Unsung Zeros were really good. I only knew their lyrics, too. We didn't even get to see Spitvalves perform. Well, we heard one and a half of a song. It was a better weekend than most although it was sprinkled with some shouting and turmoil.

Why does't Lili ever post in here? I know she knows how. Only the people with lots of spare time post in here. I suppose that means something, but I don't really want to analyze it.

Science Fair... rawr. I still gotta do the backboard. I will finish that on Tuesday or something.
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