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Hosting Problems

Okay, so we're having some technical difficulties getting hosted to meet the 01.20 launch date. NP, bro. We'll push back the date to 02.01.02. Plus, we've got some other websites that could possibly host us.

What do you kids think? Also, once we get hosted, we can stop using LiveJournal because I will have the weblog set up. It would work except I would need at FTP server, FTP path, and other things that I don't have at the moment. It will be much more personalized than LiveJournal; it will look more professional. We'll have to have a small Blogger link, but this is alright. I think you other kids need to help out a little. Maricola and I are carrying the whole thing out, and you guys just get the sweet, sweet fallout. No more. We will make you be an active participant if we have to be you for you!
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